Responding to positive reviews is a great way to show happy customers you  appreciate their business. Responding to negative reviews is an opportunity for you to address their concerns, make things right and earn back their trust. But knowing exactly what to say can be difficult. Use this guide to learn how to respond to both positive and negative online reviews.

General Tips & Advice

Respond Quickly

Do your best to respond to both positive and negative reviews as
quickly as possible. Ignoring them won't make them go away.

Learn from Them

Reviews can help you identify new opportunities as well as areas of
your business that may need improvement.

Always be Nice!

Remember, your response is public so the whole world can see it. Take
the high road, be polite and never attack a customer.

How to Respond to Positive Reviews

1. Say thank you. Show customers you appreciate them taking the time to leave a review.

2. Reinforce the positive. If someone mentions a particular product, service or even employee, be sure to acknowledge it in your response.

3. Include your business name in the reply. This can help positive reviews show up in search results.

4. Mention other products or services. Just avoid being too pushy or sounding like a salesperson.

5. Encourage them to come back again Or, recommend your business to friends and family.

How to Respond to Negative Reviews

1. Apologize. Show sympathy to the fact that they
had a bad experience at your business.

2. Offer to make it right. Show them and the
rest of the world that your company is committed to
customer satisfaction.

3. Avoid using your business name. You
don't want negative reviews showing up in search

4. Move the conversation offline. Ask them to
contact you directly via phone or email.

5. Keep it short and sweet. Avoid asking too
many questions or trying to plead your case.